Jesus, Martin Luther King and Sunday Gospel: Stars Aligned

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  1. Mom says:

    Great meditative homily! I especially appreciate it as I so vividly remember the Woolworth’s where Mom used to take me shopping; ans the counter where the sit in took place and I loved to eat & order the fresh vegetable plate; and where the segregated water fountains had cold water for “whites” and tepid water for “colored” on those hot summer days. And the KKK in front of my high school yelling for kids to leave to protest integration…and the local news coming acrosse the radio that Sunday morning that a bomb went off at First AME church downtown and killed two little girls in Sunfay school! Now it is the chemical weapons in Syria killing so many especially children who succumbed. And closer to home the 16 million children that go to bed hungry in the United States every night….and the poor and elderly and undocumented without healthcare….we have to risk it all for what is right. And if it is hard to do, then you can be sure it is God asking! Love you, my sweet son…and God grant you goodness and mercy all the days of your life as you are called to tikkun.